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The IDSbox serie

IDSbox adapts itself to small network with few Gigaoctets to high availability infrastructure (192 Terraoctets).
When you backup, you have to know how long your company can last without IT systems, data, crm ...
The IDSbox serie is made for all existing needs, use our simulator and contact our ingeniors to get advices.

schema IDSbox

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Instant disaster recovery

The inovating Rescue Server from IDSbox is the result of 3 high tech technology :

  - IDS Backup and externalisation in bloc-mode optimised for Internet
  - IDS Image : point-in-time hot backup imaging software of your servers
  - Oracle VM VirtualBox: hypervisor to virtualize immediatly the backup of your crashed server.

This revolutionary product lining is made for company which does not tolerate any failure. You just need a few minutes to start the replacement of your server and continue your normal activity.

IDS rescue server

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IDStorage : The professionnal mastodon

Not everyone does have access to a datacenter, but each IT professional wants the best for its clients.
IDSbox has created IDStorage, a powerfull server which manage the replication and the remote control of several IDSbox. 2 utilisations :

  - You are a reseller and you have to take care of clients backup. The professional equipement you need is called IDStorage.
  - You have to take care of several distant sites data centralisation of the same company or entity? The solution is called IDStorage.

Contact an IDSbox counsellor for more information.


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IDSbackup: The files backup solution

IDSbackup is the backup software developped by IDSbox.
It provides workstations and server backup with the following options:
  - multi profiles / frequencies
  - AES 256 encrypt
  - compression
  - open file copy
  - versionning and historisation
  - work as a Windows service


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IDSimage: The system backup solution

IDSimage the point-in-time hot backup and recovery software by IDSbox.
Mostly adapted to high availability servers where a loss of activity is critical, our software presents the following aspects:
  - point-in-time hot backup and recovery of servers partitions
  - compression
  - encrypted data
  - programable history and consolidation
  - restauration on a different physical station
  - restauration on a virtual server (cf Rescue Server)
  - The world fastest backup restauration (up to 20To in 2 minutes)


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