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    IDSbox Mini

    • New quiet conception ✔
    • 2 Giga ports✔
    • 500Go and 1To ✔
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    IDSbox Ultimate

    • High capacity 2To ✔
    • Removable Harddrives ✔
    • Industrial robustness ✔
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    IDS Rescue Server

    • Powerfull IDSbox ✔
    • Point in time hot backup/restoration ✔
    • Instantant virtualisation of your backep up servers ✔
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    • Unique professionnal solution ✔
    • High performances ✔
    • High capacity ✔

IDSbox : The external backup solution

The private backup concept provides you two copies of your data, in two geographic remote locations, but always under your control.

One IDSbox product is used to backup localy inside the same network to protect, and another one, somewhere else which will synchronize your data via a bloc-mode technology, through a secured channel.

IDSbox knows how to backup SQL and Oracle databases, Exchange servers, System State, Active Directory, opened files (hot backup). IDSbox offers you to backup complete point-in-time images of your servers and workstations and restore it on the same machine, a machine with different hardware or inside a virtual machine (Xen, Hyper-V, Vmware, Virtualbox)

With IDSbox, your backup are automatic, manageable, secured and no data is available from a person you've not explicitly chosen (your collaborators, your IT services provider)